Eat better.
Spend smarter.
Build good habits.

Lose weight. Eat healthier. Optimise spending. Save money.
Make it happen with Spenderlog.

Track. Know. Change.

With Spenderlog, tracking your spending and knowing your habits have never been easier. Reach your personal goals and change your habits step by step.


Track your spending. Automatically

We’ll read your receipts and crunch the data for you. It all happens automatically with digital receipts.


Know your behaviour

Show us what you buy, and we’ll tell you how you live. Based on your spending data, we’ll show you an overview of how you live today and where you can improve.


Build good habits

Pick your personal goals and stay motivated while you build your new habits. We’ll keep logging your spending (yup, still automatically) to track your progress and cheer you on along the way.


Track your wins. Stay motivated.

We’ll make sure to keep score for you as you reach your goals. Let us do the boring logging to keep you on track when life kicks in and you have to focus on other stuff as well.

How it works

Spenderlog has an advanced scanner that reads your receipt, recognizes the groceries your bought and breaks down your spending habits. We also sync with other apps that save your digital receipts.

I had NO idea I ate so much candy!

Mai-Britt, 46 years old.

Already after scanning the first receipts, I could see that I bought way more candy than I thought.

Seeing my spending pattern over the longer run, it was clear that I needed to do something.

Now we only have candy in the weekends, and we don't go overboard. I've lost weight and my family is healthier.

Wow, those shopping bags are expensive!

Thomas, 29 years old

I've tried to keep track of our spending in Excel, but it's a hassle and takes time.

With Spenderlog, I get the overview I need. Even though we're doing pretty well, I found some areas for improvement.

Spenderlog has helped us optimise our spending and steer clear of unnecessary purchases, such as shopping bags.