Real-time, automated shopper insights.

Data is king

In the 21st century, data is king. The ability to use data-driven decision making for projects such as deciding the next product to create or what demographic to target with marketing material could be what gives you the competitive edge. With artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, we are able to convert shopper receipts filled with unaligned and inconsise texts and create available and actionable information for you to easily apply in your company.

Shopper insights

With real-time, automated shopper insights, we not only provide what you are used to seeing, but so much more. Partnering with CatMan Solutions we present an insights dashboard with all categories and brands available, including the standard KPI's you want to see as well as advanced gain and loss analyses, shopper missions and so much more. Should you find an analysis or KPI currently not available, then you just let us know and we expand our dashboard. We are here to help you gain a competitive advantage like never seen before.

Our user panel

The Spenderlog panel is the largest user panel in Denmark and we're continuously growing through our apps and panel collaborations. With automated data gathering, we obtain a full view of the users' spending, not relying on any manual work from the user in the data gathering process.

Spenderlog app CO2Food app

Consumer apps

Presenting the consumer with valuable insight into their spending, we give the consumer the ability to take action and make better decisions. Having two apps available in both App Store and Google Play, we are able to reach a broader audience, thus growing our user panel effectively. While the Spenderlog app focuses on the money spent, CO2Food is able to give the user insights to better understand how their purchases affect the climate.

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